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All our websites renders well on both smartphone and tablet screens as well as computer monitors

A 100% mobile friendly Website!

All the websites we create with Averartweb are 100% mobile friendly. You do not have to build a special version of the mobile website, Your website will be responsive to all types and sizes of smartphones!

Averartweb - Best Price, best quality Websites

What we offer

Averartweb - Best Price, best quality Websites

Amazing Themes!

Averartweb can respond to any kind of business website, such as Finance & Law, Real Estate, Services & Maintenance, Advertising & Marketing, Pets & Animals, Automotive & Cars, and so many more!


Special Prizes!

Our Special crazy offer for just €165 can help new entrepreneurs to start their business! And includes: Free Domain Name for 1 year / Free hosting for 1 year / Free Email Account and more!!


Averartweb Hosting!

Our secure and dynamic hosting will always be here to make sure that responds to all demands of the web.
We pay for your hosting for the first year and for 2 years for the ultimate Package!

With just €165 Only?!

Yes! We finish and publish your website including:
1 year Free Domain Name for / 1 year Free hosting / 1 Free Unlimited Email Account
After all, it's your website, that you can be proud of!..


Flexible Plans - Choose n' go!

a simple way for you to decide..


1 Long Landing Page
  • 1 Year Free Domain Name
  • 1 Year Free Web Hosting
  • 1 Free Email


10 Pages
  • 1 Year Free Domain Name
  • 1 Year Free Web Hosting
  • 3 Free Emails


20 Pages
  • 1 Year Free Domain Name
  • 1 Year Free Web Hosting
  • 5 Free Emails


35 Pages
  • 2 Years Free Domain Name
  • 2 Years Free Web Hosting
  • 10 Free Emails

When art and technology working together!

Get started with AverartWeb!

AverartWeb has provided for all types of websites, appropriate and modern designs that can be used to represent the object and type of each business

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AverartWeb is a Web Development Platform that offers great website designs for all business and not only