Plan €165

What you get

The Basic Package is a very satisfactory website selection that you can present
your basic and most important information

What is included

A Full Landing Page
Your website will be consisted from one long Landing Page, which will include the following sections (blocks):
1. The Basic Menu Link that controls the blocks of the website
2. The Welcoming Message and Title of your website
3. A brief profile of you, or your company
4. A Google map of your physical address (optional)
5. All your contact details ( Phone, Email, Address etc)
6. A Form where visitors can send you their details, comments or requests (optional)
7. Two Youtube Video that you own (optional)
8. A Picture gallery up to 30 images
9. Social media integration (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)

Free Domain Name
If you don't own a Domain Name yet, we pay for your Domain Name for 1 Year!
(Price must not exceed the 10 euro)
You don't know what is a " Domain Name" ?
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Free Web Hosting

With the Basic Plan we do offer for 1 whole Year a free Web Hosting!
You don't know what is a " Web Hosting" ?
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Free Email

We can also offer 1 free Email account that can be linked to the website

Google essentials

1. SEO optimization *
2. Submit sitemap to Google *

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